sketching-imagination-2 (1024x783)Our company which is established by HASAN KASIM GURBUZ in 1996 serves to build up residence, technology, touristic facility, industrial incorporations, new allocation units inside and outside works in Turkey. Our company which works with the personnel who have technical knowledge and experiences in their branches and provides necessary coordination for completing works in time have found in many projects.

Our company with quality and productivity renews constantly products and services for supplying needs and expectations of our costumers, our workers with working environment and conditions, the society and improves itself.

Our company has given importance to the customer satisfaction since it was established. Having done many works that befitted our costomers greatness and quality is our the biggest ornament.

Our Vision;
The spirit that has added to their work of personnel and lower part contractor, communication and cooperation between units; HKG Architecture is the base of success.

Our Mission;
HKG Architecture does researches, sketches, etudes, details and designs that fit to the users goals for becoming the most ideal measures of life and work places. Designs that has overlapped to the technology complete with the perfect practices of the lower part contractor who works together long years.

HKG Architecture gives counseling services for composing housing, technology, touristic facility, industrial incorporations, new residential units by experiences, knowledge and by working inside and outside of Turkey.